Tragedy averted: Large explosives cache recovered in Chaman

631979-image-1384441049-330-640x480QUETTA: Another terrorist attack was thwarted when Frontier Corps (FC) foiled a terror attempt with Muharram processions in Quetta a likely target as they seized a huge catch of arms and ammunition from Chaman.

“Two terrorists were arrested during the targeted raid carried out by FC in Chaman town,” FC commandant Colonel Maqbool revealed during a news conference on Thursday.

Meanwhile, police and security forces foiled terror plots in Karachi and Islamabad on Thursday.

FC claimed that they had seized 2,400 anti-personal mines, two anti-tank mines, 516 homemade bombs, six Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), a suicide jacket, religious literatures, computer hard desks, mobile phones, 24 timers, 250 detonators, 61 wire rolls, eight hand grenades, 148 electronic devices, box full of capacitors and other materials used for making bombs.

The colonel said the terrorists had planned to target the Muharram processions in and around Quetta, but the FC received a tip-off, and effected a massive search operation in Chaman to foil the attempt.

“This could have been disastrous,” Colonel Maqbool said.

FC has deployed as many as 950 personnel in different parts of Quetta to protect the processions. FC installed 36 cameras to monitor the situation and keep a close eye on sensitive places.

“The Frontier Corps and Pakistan Army have also been deployed at hill top of the Quetta valley,” Maqbool told the reporters.

Police and FC will remain alert 24 hours during Muharram 10 and will be in contact.

FC personnel displayed most of the explosive materials they seized during the targeted operation.

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