Seven of a family killed in accident near Nowshera Vikran

52aebd2f2c59bNOWSHERA VIRKAN: A head-on collision between a van and an oil tanker on Monday morning killed seven of a family, including two minors, near here in the Khan Bagh village area.

According to Qila Deedar Singh police, an oil tanker heading towards Gujranwala collided with a van coming from the opposite direction on a bridge amidst thick fog this morning.

The collision was so severe that the van was completely crushed by the body of the oil tanker, killing at least seven people on the spot.

Police and rescuers reached the spot and bodies of the victims were removed after cutting through parts of the van.

The relatives of the deceased reached the sight of the accident. Police was identifying the victims who were residents of Ludhheywala Warraich.

The dead included two children and three women.

Meanwhile, Qila Deedar Singh police registered a case against the oil tanker’s driver who had fled from the scene earlier.

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